Thursday, March 31, 2016

The End? #SOL16

And just like that the month is over!


My life has changed so very much during this month, and I have gotten to share, cry, laugh and wonder right here in this little space on the internets.  LOL!

I guess that has been my word this month....change.

You know, I never finished the process of finding my word for 2016.  However, I would say that over the last few months, the word change has been the constant.  It is not a word that comforts or necessarily excites me.  Therefore, I have really resisted that word!

Some of the changes happening right now evoke anger and sadness.  Other changes need to happen in order for growth to occur.  God's plan has brought forth most of the changes, and my lack of discipline and pure laziness has started the others.

So, in reflecting on this month of writing.  I have had to change some habits to make time to write.  Which has prompted me to add writing to my habit tracker because I love this process.

So, here is to having changes happen that are healthy and fun.  However, if more sad ones come, I pray God gives me the grace to accept them, learn, and keep walking.


  1. A perfect reflection on the month, along with the perfect quote of the day!