Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Sister #SOL16

My Sister, Ellyce and I have been hanging out all week in Paris.  It has been an emotional, physical, exhausting week.  However, these two girls delight my heart!  I could NOT have done the week without them.

Though I am thankful for both of them, my focus for today's blog is the gorgeous lady I get to call Sister!  Amy and I are five years apart in age.  She is beautiful and graceful and an answer to prayers.  I am so very thankful that Mom and Dad were blessed with another daughter.  Since she was younger, and she thinks that I didn't want her around through our childhood and teen years.  However, I haven't ever felt that way.  It makes me sad that I made her feel that way.  I have always loved her and wanted her approval.

I would say in the last year, I have felt a slight distance growing between Amy and I.  She is a super busy mom of three who has two bursting careers.  I have my own life and careers. It has been a tough transition because I treasure her more than I can simply type in one blog.  I was fearful that we might loose our connection.

You see, I need her.  She is strength when I am feeling so weak.  When she is fragile, I want to protect her and love her.  She is truly the best friend I have ever had.  I want her to be pleased and proud of me.  She is the right words that I need to hear, and she laughter that rings through the years of my life.  She is beauty.

However, so far this week, we have been back to laughing and enjoying and talking.  She has let me be sentimental without judgement, and I have tried to be a safe place for her to fall if she needs one.  It has been a tough week, but I am SO thankful for the time to just be....

Amy and Mandy....


Oh how I needed this time with her!  I am so thankful!
(I will add a picture tomorrow! )


  1. Your love for your sister shines through every word of this slice. This is the third slice that I've read about sisters. The others were about strained relationships and fall outs. It's so refreshing to read yours. I do hope that you will share this with your sister.

  2. Sister relationships often have their ups and downs.What is special is that usually as we mature we are more appreciative of the relationships we have.