Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Pens, Lunch with My Man, and a Road Trip #SOL16

Today is the first official day of my Spring Break!!  It was a pretty okay day!  I slept in a little bit.  That's always a blessing!

Then, my man and I got our oil changed (I know..pretty romantic).  However, after finishing the errand, we got to go have lunch together.  I treasure times when I get him all to myself!

We came home to find the mail was there.  What is it about the mail?  I have always been excited to check the mailbox.  Today, I got my new flex fountain pens!  Now, this is an exciting day in the mail box!  I love mail, and I love pens!  So, the two together just makes this girls heart sing!

Finally, I hit the road to join sister in our week of breaking down our family home.  I love a beautiful road trip!  The sky opened up and sun actually came out to greet me as I traveled!

This week is going to be a long one, but I am about to have the first night of a girls vacation in Paris!  LOL!  

This is definitely going to be a spring break to remember!!

Or one I will need to recover from...the verdict won't be in until later!


  1. The sky is so beautiful! What a way to begin spring break!

  2. Sounds like it will be a Spring Break to remember. Enjoy it all...and keep writing.

    1. I will. The blog is my lifeline during this time!

  3. I know! The excitement of mail! I love your new pens and I hope you put them to good use.