Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Break, Please go easy on me! #SOL16

The pictures of teachers running out of the door for spring break show faces full of elation.  It is true that I am VERY excited about having a break.  The past two weeks have been emotional and physical roller coasters.  I desperately need a week to reconnect, remember, and rejuvenate.

However, tomorrow, I will travel back to our family homestead to start breaking it down into only distant memories.  Our goal is to have an Estate Sale by the end of the week.  At first, I was all excited and ready to help.  I am sure I will feel that way again when I get there and surrounded by family.

I am the sentimental one of our family.  I am the crier.  This week I have cried at even thinking about selling and getting rid of our Grandparents hard work and treasured possessions.  Can I keep it all, NO!  Do I even really want to, NO!  But my heart feels as though it might burst as we watch strangers carry their stuff away.  See, even now, my eyes are filling with watery drops that could cascade at any moment.

This is a stage that I must walk through.  I know we will make it to the end of the week and feel so much better that we got so much done.  For today, my prayer for this week is for Spring Break to go easy on me!  I feel quite fragile.


  1. It will be great that you will be there, able to enjoy the memories with your family. Look at it as a celebration of these memories and what things you want to keep close and pass on.

  2. You take care of you and remember that feelings aren't facts. Family dynamics and shared histories surface lots of emotions, especially when they are tied to sentimental objects. Wishing you lots of gentleness, kindness, and release this week!