Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Teledoc Dreams #SOL2016

When I feel yucky, I usually go as long as I can before I go see the doctor.  So, today was my breaking point.  I had two parent conferences today on top of a full day of teaching.  I was wiped out, and just wanted relief.

So, when I talked to my husband this afternoon, I threw out there that I might need to see the doctor.  He reminded me that we now have Teledoc.  Now, we all know that one of the least desirable things about the teaching profession is the insurance.   However, our current provider offers this amazing feature!

I felt like I was a kid listening to my mom call Dr. Walker and tell him to call in some Amoxicillin for our strep throat.  I called and made a request, and within about 15 minutes, the doctor called me back!  I told him my symptoms.  He said he had talked to four teachers today and wanted to know if I was on spring break.  I mean...he even had time to visit!  We are back in 1984....I am SURE of it!

Needless to say, we finished up our conversation, and I have picked up the two prescriptions that were called in for me!  It is a miracle!

I love TELEDOC!!!

Let's hope this low dose antibiotic knocks this mess out of me!  I have a spring break to enjoy next week!!

Thanks, Teledoc!

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