Monday, March 21, 2016

A Little Depressing! #SOL16

Last week, my blog has been a pure example of this quote.  I feel like every day I have stopped and taken time to just let my heart and soul pour out on these posts.  It has been healthy, necessary, and honestly a little depressing!

Don't get me wrong.  I know I need to deal with my feelings.  I realize pouring my thoughts and emotions out is healthy and helpful, but come on!!  LOL!  Let's liven it up a little bit!  I am not here to drag anyone down.  

So, in a kind of end of the month kind of celebration, thingy.... I am going to focus on things that delight and bring joy to my life!

Starting tomorrow!  

(yes, I just crack myself up!!)

But for today...talking about my spring break today at our first day back in the school trenches was depressing and draining.  

So, tonight, I am turning in early!


  1. Sometimes it is very easy to wallow rather than work to appreciate the positives. I agree - it's healthy and cathartic to vent...but, Like you, I reach a point where enough is enough. Good luck moving forward!

  2. First day back is usually exhausting. Finding delight and joy to write about will energize you.

  3. Well, I did my share of bleeding last week so I understand completely. Here's to a fresh new week. Thinking of you!