Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mom's Tree - A slice of life

The box opens, and I pull out the small evergreen tree.  On each branch, I string brilliant purple lights because it was her favorite color.  I can almost hear her call my name as I unwrap each ornament that she saved.  I hear her tell me the stories of the kids from her many years in the classroom whose names are delicately etched on some of the them.  I can tell that they were written by pre-school hands who had just learned how to write because she had taught them.

She whispers memories of my brother, sister and I as I hang our hand made ornaments.  One was my first cross stitching project when I was in junior high.  Each one is delicately placed so that it hangs just right.  All of them are hung...even the ones who are so old they are beginning to break.  Each one was a treasure to my mom.  Therefore, they are a treasure to me.  The tears begin to fall as my heart aches to tell her one more time how precious her life was to me.  She taught me everything.  She taught me how to enjoy the special moments and embrace the simple ones.

I miss my mom so very much at Christmas time!  I will always put her tree up and add each ornament.  I pray that I always hear her voice while I hang each one.

These pictures are from last year....I haven't taken any this year, yet.  I added the purple lights this year.  I will update pictures soon!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A New Goal is Born - A Slice of Life

"Team 1466" the announcer called!  That's us!  That is really us!  And just like that our Robotics season continues to the regional competition!

I am so very proud of the six students who have worked so hard to accomplish this amazing feat!  We are going to regional competition to compete, again!

Just like that a new goal is born!  A rising star!

Here we go!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Day One Slice of Life

I clicked submit.  It is finished!! The sun is shining brighter because I can see the end in sight!

The thrill of writing the last word and getting, yet, another assignment done fills my heart with glee!  One more more week, and then I will be done with this twelve hour extended journey that has swiped my joy and robbed my precious hours.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to have a full ride of college hours while teaching and taking pictures.  

However, I have a goal!

I want to complete this goal!

So, for this moment, I feel empowered!  I hit submit!

A Slice of Life

The beginning of something is usually difficult and a little scary!  My kids and I are starting a new adventure this week!  We are beginning a 31 day challenge to write about a slice of our life each day!
      Some of my kids are so excited about doing this, and some are really not very excited!!  However, I am challenging all of them to do it!

December Accrostic

Dancing lights around 
Evergreen trees
Crackling fire in the hearth
Everyone is full of cheer
Merriment is heard around the world
Bright colored packages
Elves help Santa get ready
Remember to go to be early!