Sunday, March 27, 2016

At a loss for words #SOL16

So I am sitting here with student's writing.  I wanted to write a letter to each of them and tell them how amazing they are at their writing . . . because they are!  They have come so very far!!  I am proud of each one of them!  I also wanted to give them suggestions about how to make their writing better.  So, I sat down to read.

There are sentences like:

I mean they did not come to me saying that their imagination would fly or that time would pass when they are reading.  

They have become writers!  They can author their feelings and share what they think.  I couldn't be prouder.

However, I am sitting here stuck as to what words I can say that they will read and be inspired.  Do I need to write each one of them?  Do they need to hear my words?  Or do we need to have a huge celebration tomorrow at how far they have come?

I am at a loss for words!


  1. I know that feeling. This year I have tried something new with my 5th graders. I respond to all that they write, but only with one or two goals/suggestions for what to work on. At first it felt contrary to my gut to not gush positive feedback. But what I have found is that my students now push themselves. They don't write for me, they write to get better at what they know they need to work on. We celebrate their writing she. We share in class but my notes are for guidance. The jury is still out but I do love that my kids never, ever, ever compare themselves to each other or ask about grades. And that I love.

  2. A wise teacher once told me that you should be unpredictable with compliments, that's not to say that you should not compliment daily, but the "big" ones should be unpredictable so they don't become so common it loses it's meaning! I think I sort of agree.