Friday, March 31, 2017

Why I Write #SOL17

So, as I sit down this morning to pin my last March post, I am wrestling with the question.... Why I do this challenge?  The first time, it was because a beloved friend, who also happens to be a colleague, encouraged us to do join the challenge.  Tenille is someone I look up to because I love her zeal for literature, writing, and sharing.  So, I jumped in....and struggled through.

The next year, I joined because I realized how reluctant I was to just sit down and start writing.   I am one of those kids who wants to wrestle with words and sentences, but I truly want them perfect from the beginning.  So, when it is time to blog, I want it to be something useful, reflective, thought provoking..something relevant.

Last year, I used this blog to process through cleaning out our family's homestead and closing out a pair of lives that built an amazing legacy in the 90+ years of doing life.  It is refreshing to look back at those posts, relive the days that I spent with my sister,  and see my raw emotions from sharing this season with our families.  

This year, I just HAD to do the challenge.  I felt like my career and my heart needed to stop, sit still, wrestle with thoughts, and write.  I decided to email the staff at our school to see if anyone would join me.  My dear friend, Carol, has walked through this journey with me.   It has been fun to have someone to share the struggles and joys of putting our thoughts down.  

Over the years, March has turned into a refreshing month of growth.  Pushing myself to write every day has changed the way I see daily writing time for my students.  The writing process has been a cleansing reminder that my words are important, and I should share them.


  1. I love that you are slicing...and these reasons are spot on! Slicing helps us process, become a better writer, and keeps our memories. :)

  2. I recall your posts from last year. They hit home with me. I've enjoyed visiting your blog this month and reading your slices. I'm glad you decided to accept the challenge again this year.