Friday, March 24, 2017

Birds Are Singing #SOL17

My motion sensor in my room just shut the lights off.  All at once, the birds began singing in the garden outside my window.  I love their tunes.  All of the unique calls that grab my attention and thoughts.  I wonder if we sound as unique to them.

Growing up, my grandparents had an amazing back yard.  They would work the grass and flowers until each one was perfectly healthy and showing their best colors. The birds loved their yard, and my grandparents loved the birds.  They were a welcome guest to the garden of splendor each day.  The bird bath was always full of water, and their feeders were bursting with fresh seed.  It was a beautiful place to grow up.

Confession time, my yard does not measure up!  Honestly, it makes me so sad.  It is full of weeds and my beds are currently bare.

I love buying the plants and getting them in the ground, but after that, I fall short!  Maybe this is my year to create and enjoy a beautiful space to welcome our birds.  I need a plan!  Guess I should get my journal out and come up with a plan!  I am energized at the thought, and I am so thankful that today is Friday.  I have two days to work on my magical garden.

Maybe this year, the birds will be singing in my yard!



  1. I hope so. You need to do it because the payoff seems to be worth so much to you. I know I love it. I have 3 feeders and flowers for the birds and butterflies. Peace.

    1. Thank you! I hope so, too. So far, I have just trimmed up some things that are already out there.