Monday, March 6, 2017

Laughter on a Monday? #SOL17

Today, after we finished a crazy Monday at school, a co-worker and her two boys climbed into my car and off we went to spend a little time trolling for Pokemon!  Yes, I love, love, love hunting for the Pokemon characters that are lurking in our neighborhoods.  However, even more than catching the characters, I love having this common language with my students.

We started our search going through the streets of Denton.  We made a stop at Kohl's to pick up some Dr. Seuss characters for our classroom displays and to fill Easter baskets...then we were off again!  

We caught a Qwilfish, Krabby, Growlithe, Teddiursa, Hoppip Poliwag, Crobat, Machop, Whooper, Staryu, and Sudowoodo.  However, more than that, we laughed.

on a Monday.....

and it's not even Spring Break, yet!

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