Thursday, March 23, 2017

Collaboration and Friendship #SOL17

As a teacher, one of the most valuable tools that I have is collaboration.  Last night, I sat around a table with beautiful women who are well versed in literature, teaching, and life, and I realized how thankful I am for their presence in my life.  We discussed authors and where they get their ideas.  We talked about education bills that are on the Texas House and Senate floors, our careers and where they are headed, and our families and how they are doing.  

Sitting in my classroom this morning,  I began reflecting on the beauty around that table last night and about many of my coworkers that I can gratefully call friends.  Together, we are making our way through this school year.  Their skills and talents are always shared, and I am thankful for the deep trust and collaboration that has built lasting friendships.

As educators, we don't stop very often, and we are overrun with tools and ideas.  However, I have found that collaboration is the most beneficial tool in my grasp.  I am challenged, encouraged, supported, and entertained by the group that I have around me.

We are navigating this thing called life together.  They are my anchors in the storms and my lights when I feel stranded at sea. 

I hope I am half as helpful as they are to me.

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