Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pizza Lovers #SOL17

My family loves pizza!  

It is true!  The whole group loves it.  My brother, sister, and I grew up eating it.  My mom and dad both loved it, and we could all agree to the dinner plans if it involved a pie full of toppings.  Sister and brother both have children who will pick pizza for the meal just about every time.  It is part of our genetics.  

Over the years, our love for this meal hasn't changed.  We like to try different pizzas, and all of us still enjoy the cheap, frozen variety from time to time.  We aren't picky, and every time we are together, we usually end up eating several slices before saying good-bye.

So, after spending the day together playing, shopping, and laughing, we needed to pick a place for dinner.

You guessed it!  

We chose pizza!  

I love my family!

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