Friday, March 10, 2017

The Dawn of the Last Day #SOL2017

Right now is the dawn of the last day before a much needed Spring Break.  As I sit here is my cozy classroom, I am excited to get the day started.  

We have much to wrap up today before we can go into a week long vacation.

Will my kiddos be ready?

Will we have any sort of focus before we break?

Vacation is sniffing at the door.
Students look forward to days away.
The teacher needs it even more,
But there's much to do today.

Before the day can even begin,
Prayers are sent for a satisfying end.
The hope of tomorrow wears a grin
A treasured break is our best friend.


  1. Happy Spring Break! It comes at a good time! Enjoy!

  2. We have one more week. Love the idea of vacation sniffing at the door! Enjoy your week!