Monday, March 13, 2017

Guilty, yet not guilty pleasures #SOL17

This morning a gentle rain tapped the window as my boxer and I rested.  Though I would not normally look forward to a little rain, today it is just what I needed.  

This spring break is not starting the way I would have planned or thought, but it is perfectly planned.  I do not take time to slow down very often, and days like today are a blessing to my go-go soul.  I am thankful for the slow, quiet and relaxing morning! 

As the sun begins to peak out from behind the clouds, I realize what a special blessing it was to start the week this way!  Here's to a week to rejuvenate and refresh!  


  1. Here's to a lovely spring break. Although I'm retired, I still remember how we longed for and needed those breaks. Glad it started out slow for you!