Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Struggle to be Related #SOL17

I am in my fourth semester of graduate school through Texas A&M, WHOOP!  I have loved the experience of being a student at A&M, again.  I have gotten to know some amazing educators, and learned some fun things.  After this semester, I have 6 hours to finish my masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  

Online grad school has been very different (sometimes difficult) because I am not sitting in a class, and I have to push myself to log in, connect and find commonalities with other students.  However, I have enjoyed the experience.  

However, today, I am struggling through an assignment that reminds me so much of what my students teachers face in their classes for lesson planning.  My content is problem.  I just finished teaching these TEKS to my own fourth graders.  However, the requirements for this lesson activity is crazy!  It feels so out of touch with what we really do in the classroom.  I never sit down, create a power point of examples and non-examples and write up 4-6 pages for each activity.

One of my greatest fears is to get set in my ways and become close minded.  I pray I am always open to the new and innovative ways of teaching and presenting content.  I pray I am always a learner who is looking for a way to connect, stay important and significant.

I want my lessons and class to be relevant.

I want to be pertinent.

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