Monday, March 20, 2017

Currently #SOL17

Honestly, I don't usually take time to read the suggested blogs and blog topics each day.  Today, however, I clicked the link and LOVED the post idea.  Bev's post is a delight and a great way to blog about where I am on this 20th day of March.


Looking around my classroom...

  • I see lamps warming the corners
  • My computer screen is lighting my desk 
  • The sensor has turned the over head lights off because I have been super still

As I Ponder...

  • what I need to say to my 4th graders before next week's test
  • if my student teacher is nervous to join our class today
  • if my sleepy students know just how much I missed them last week.

What I Am Learning...

  • To be content
  • to be thankful

What I Am Creating...

  • my weekly calendar in my bullet journal
  • anchor chart for combining sentences

What I Am Reading...

  • trying to finish the Harry Potter series that I started when it came out.  I love the series, but I get lost in it sometimes.
  • Soar - by Joan Bauer - it is one of the Bluebonnet nominee books!

What I Am Listening To...

  • The clock ticking away the quiet moments
  • The birds waking up outside my window
  • My fingers tapping on the keyboard

What's happening in your life right now?


  1. Thank you for sharing! What a great twist on the "Currently". I am bringing this to my students this week. THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you! I liked doing this post! I may have my students do this one, too.