Sunday, March 5, 2017

Success! #SOL17

One of the ways that my husband and I are different is the way we approach a task.  I am a jump in, analyze, and get it done.  He is a researcher, analyze all sides, wait, think out the good and bad, and when everything is in place, finish the job.  We are both successful but very different in our methods. 

Neither one right.     Neither one wrong.

Today, he announced that he was ready to go get the safe that we have been looking to purchase for years.  He has looked at various stores, tried different ones, analyzed locking mechanisms, and finally decided he was ready.

We agreed to get it, bring it home, and put it into place ourselves instead of hiring someone to do it for us, so we could save some money.

Today wasn't the perfect day.  It was misting or raining all day.
He had to wait longer than he wanted to get the trailer from his friend.  BUT he got it and we were on our way!  Success!

Things weren't perfect, but truly, that's were the trouble ended.  We were able to get it loaded at the store.  He was able to unload it at home.  His dolly held up to the 300 plus pounds of steel.  Success!

We got it into place, and we have mastered the lock!  Success!

He even listened to some of my ideas with the tie straps and maneuvering it into place! Success!

Success feels good no matter which way it is accomplished!


  1. Defining success is such a tricky endeavor. I listened to a Brene Brown podcast on my work this morning, and she said she has replaced that word in her personal dictionary with the term "redefine". I love how you found the bright spot in a rainy day, and I love how you celebrate the small wins. I'm impressed with your emotional, mental, and physical fortitude. (A 300 pound safe! Holy Cow!) As always, I thoroughly enjoy your writing. Thanks for being "my people".

    1. Sister, little victories have to be celebrated! I am so thankful that we are each other's people. Life is so much more fun to maneuver with you!!!