Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday #SOL2017

Canon D floating through the air.  Pages turning adding another layer to the sound of our Friday morning.  Sighs, tears, and an occasional giggle float along with Pandora as the clock ticks away.  

Fridays are my favorite at school.  Of course, reading, writing and problem solving are woven into the content areas just like every other day of the week, but Friday mornings start off with our timed reading. We use a workshop model in Language Arts.  My classroom has changed dramatically since I was introduced to the Two Sisters many years ago.

At the beginning of the year, we started our Read to Self time with 45 seconds of everyone keeping their eyes on the page.  I would set the timer, roam around the room, and watch like a hawk...stopping them as soon as someone lifted their eyes off the written word.  In the beginning, read to self time seems impossible.  

Will I ever help them transform into readers?  

Will the world ever slip away so these fourth graders can see how great reading can feel?

Will it ever be Friday?

Slowly,  days pass and magically we build our stamina until the class has reached their goal of having days like today where we read for the entire Language Arts Block!  It is glorious when we hit this time of year.  

We all get wrapped up in the written word, time stands still, the air is magical and worlds collide as we devour more books.   

I love Fridays!

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