Monday, March 2, 2015

SOLC #2 Read Across My Classroom

The lamps are lit, books are being gathered, and a comfortable hush fills our room.  It is time to read!!

I love special days where the world stops and everyone finds a spot to drift away into their chosen genre.  It is Read Across America day in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Our class decided to celebrate by stopping our world to read!  It was glorious!  Everyone had their books and began reading.   The mere fact that I was able to read the

  during our Reading time tells me just how engaged my students were in this magnificent celebration!  Yes, we have more writing lessons and activities to catch up on tomorrow.  Yes, we have objectives that we still need to go over.  Yes, yes, yes!

But for one hour...

         one glorious hour.....

                 our world stopped for a book!  It was well worth the reschedule of a few lessons!

On another note...our school also Read Across America by wearing something that we can read!  Below are how my awesome students participated!


  1. I love the way your post begins....lamps lit, comfortable hush. It makes me want to read. I bet your students can sense that reading is important and you love it! I think I will also steal your dress up idea....Wear something you can read....we haven't done that one yet!! Have a great week!

  2. Such a lovely post - took me back. Time for just reading was always my favourite time of the day. The kids found their books, chose a spot and just got swept into their reading.

  3. Mandy, the t-shirt reading is my favorite! I wish I had been in your lamp-lit classroom today. I sense the warm and cozy culture you've created through your writing. YES, YES, YES . . . We all have objectives we need to go over, but like Mary and Martha, you chose the best thing to focus on. Enjoy your week friend.

  4. So glad you managed that one glorious hour! "Lamps are lit, books are gathered, and a comfortable hush fills the room." Perfection! Love that your school asked students to wear something to read. Great idea. I blogged about Dr. Seuss days in my past yesterday.