Thursday, March 12, 2015

SOLC #12 Inspire Confidence and Hope

Inspire .....
                    Confidence and Hope


These words rang out to me during our staff meeting today.  I started thinking about impact that teachers have on their students.  I have had many teachers in my life.  Some of them were in school, and some of them were a part of my community.  I don't remember exact words that any of them ever said to me, but I remember how I felt leaving them.  

I listened to their words, and I watched their lives. 


They are a part of who I am in my classroom, today.  

Teaching is an interesting profession because young minds are grasping for information in our presence at all times.  Therefore, our every movement and spoken word is analyzed.  Many times they remember my hair color, but the content is lost the moment the bell rings.  

So, daily I strive to mold, encourage, teach, and guide my classroom of nine and ten year olds to dream, wonder, question, and struggle.  Life isn't easy, and the answer isn't given to us.  I worry in our world of instant access we are loosing some of these things.  Therefore, I am challenged to give them experiences to have to build these character traits.

I pray my kids leave me thinking and questioning!  I want to know that they feel inspired, self-confident, and hopeful!  I want them to believe  that I think they are amazing!  Each of them can  persist and reach any goal that they set for themselves!!

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  1. Mandy- I know that you inspire your students and fellow teachers. One of my teammates was commenting today about how knowledgeable you were on Tuesday.