Saturday, March 21, 2015

SOL #21 Delighted You Could Join Us

"Mandyn, would you like to have a tea party?"

That marked the beginning of one my my most favorite moments with my niece, Ellyce Margaret.

I, of course, answered, "well, sure!"

When at the kitchen table she arrived for our tea party, she dawned her Cinderella Wedding Dress,  crown, and veil.  I realized immediately, that this was going to be a night to remember.  This girl melts my heart, but when she started answering me and talking to me in her best British accent, I was hooked.

First she poured us some tea!  Then, for a toast she exclaimed, "To the kids!"  I almost choked on my perfectly brewed cup of tea!!  Soon, after our tea party began, my sister pulled out her phone because she couldn't quit laughing at us.   She captured so much of it!  The video is long, but I will put it at the bottom just so you can get an idea of how hilarious this little girl is at our tea party!  We had carrots, cookies, a ton of tea,  i

 One of the best parts was when she was getting frustrated at me from laughing, and said, "Dear Princess, please stop laughing."  Her daddy stopped by our tea party not long after that, and she told him, "We are all so delighted that you could come."


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a delight to my heart!  Sometimes while writing for thirty-one days, I have wondered what to write down. Today, it was easy!

 I do not want to forget this tea party!

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