Friday, March 27, 2015

SOL#27 Favorite colors...

I struggle every time someone asks me about my favorite color!  I truly love all the different colors!  Yes, I love maroon, but I also enjoy pink, blue, purple, black, green, white, turquoise, lavender, lime, fuchsia, lemon, grey....

Yes, even orange!

Some of my kids are probably, celebrating or rolling their eyes because I give them a horrible time about the burnt orange color that frequents my classroom.  However, right now, as I look through my classroom, I do know see any burnt orange!  Success!!

There is bright orange, but I actually like bright orange!  I have really been "into" the neons again!  i remember wearing them in Jr. High!  Ahhhhhhh, the 80s!!!

I do feel like colors reflect my moods.  I am sure that sometimes, they even support or encourage a feeling.  However, colors bring back precious memories!  I can see purple pansies and instantly, I miss my mom!  She loved purple and pansies!  So, she always planted these!

My grandmother loves pink and has always planted geraniums.  So, pink geraniums make her feel close to me!  I always plant these, too!

I am amazed at the variety of colors in our beautiful world!  I found these great pictures to show some emotions that are associated with colors and the names of colors in a crayon box!


So fun!

What's YOUR color??


  1. I gravitate to blues...the color of water, but I have been know to like fuschia, black and orange. I love watching my daughter change her favorite colors as she ages.

  2. There is no favorite color for me. I have some dislikes - but even those, paired with the right complimentary color changes my opinion..Hey! As I am writing here - just off to the side, I see two of my childhood books - Heidi and Honeybunch! Now I'm off in my world of reading on a sunny afternoon up in my bedroom overlooking the field.

  3. Bright green is my favorite color! But I like blues and purples too! There is white and black too. Red or pink aren't that bad either. So, green is for sure, but anything else can be debated!

  4. Reds and blues. But in the summer especially all the colours - because I love the flowers in all colours.