Friday, March 13, 2015

SOL #13 Anticipation

As I sit here getting my room ready, I am curious about the day.  Spring Break and Friday the 13th are promising a break from reality.  Will it be a great day that flies by or will it be a day full of twists and turns due to the 13th?  Only time will tell....

Spring Break starts in eight hours, but truly, who is counting?  LOL!

The electric air sizzles around our ears as whispers and typing fill the empty space.  There will not be much quiet that happens today.  Actually, I am okay with that!  I am taking a break!!!

My kids are blogging about their spring break plans.  Teachers are giddy about their road trips and time with their families.  It is a fun day to be in school because of the anticipation of what is yet to come.  Without a doubt, we will take a break!!!  I am so very thankful for a break!

The other side is today is Friday the 13th.  That is all....the 13th!

Spring Break starts in SEVEN and a half hours, now!!!!  Have a great day!!!

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  1. You survived!!! Don't you love Spring Break!!!!!!!