Thursday, March 26, 2015

SOL #26 Scheduling

My current nightmare is scheduling!

Sitting here trying to write out our schedule for the next two weeks, and my mind is spinning!  Y'all!  I am worn out just trying to explain it all to my student teacher! It isn't that she doesn't is just CRAZY!!!  We have small groups on top of small groups, we have activities and practice that needs to be done.  There are fun pieces of history to grasp and equations to figure out, books to be devoured and analyzing to complete.    On paper, our schedule looks ominous.

Oh my goodness, I am praying that these stormy scheduled days help our roots to grow strong and our understanding to take flight!  We are trying to take advantage of every moment that we have been given!

Slicing my life on paper  into increments of time is eye opening!  Our little self-contained world is constantly flowing and changing like the waves splashing on the shore.


  1. Scheduling always gives me a headache! I love the pics you added to your slice.

  2. 1. Love that you quoted Dolly Parton! I am smiling.
    2. Your words are quite poetic today. You went all out with the beautiful language, and I appreciate it.
    3. I agree that scheduling can be a difficult task. Maybe you should schedule some time to schedule. lol!