Sunday, December 13, 2015

I love New York!!!

6 days ago, I found myself sitting in DFW waiting on my friends and our plane to take off on adventure that I NEVER could have dreamed was truly about to come true.  


The reason for our journey was an amazing opportunity.  We were selected to go to the Teacher's College to study Argumentative Writing (the closest thing to Texas' Expository) with amazing educators!

It was an experience that tops all staff development that I have done in my life.  We were challenged and encouraged and stretched.  We debated and laughed and even cried some.  I was exhausted on some days, but on others I felt on fire.  We walked...walked...walked...and walked.  I had no idea how many stairs there were in New York.  It was physically and mentally challenging!






One of the best parts of the city was going to the school.  We got to spend a morning with 5th graders who were working through the writing process!  It was phenomenal!  

On our way there, we had breakfast here.  Blessed!  I tell you I am a blessed girl!!

Today, after stepping back on Texas soil yesterday, I am still in shock that I spent 4 nights in New York city!

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