Saturday, May 30, 2015

Today We Celebrate...

I am so very lucky to be an aunt!

I love that I get to be their aunt!  Yesterday, the youngest of my nieces and nephews turned three.  How is that possible?  I can not believe that this girl is that old!  Anyway, I digress on my disbelief.  Since yesterday was her birthday, today, we CELEBRATE!!  Her Mommy and Daddy decided postpone the party with all of her friends until the backyard isn't a swamp.
So, her family surrounded her and got to love on her!  It was a GREAT day!

I simply LOVE every single thing about this girl!  She delights my heart.  What a joy she is!
Her hugs are the best things!  She melts into your arms.  

This girl is a mess!  Her little, sassy personality is so much fun!  She LOVES to sing.  
She loves to tell her daddy and her brother, "No!" and then smile!  
She is hysterical, and her laugh is contagious!

She might be a little sneaky!   LOVE HER!!!

She wants to be just like her Bubba!  So, she got a scooter and a bike!  So fun!

LOL!  All of my nephews and nieces make the BEST expressions!  
This one....oh this one....she is part of my heart!

Little Miss Hollywood!

Watch out comes Layten Brynn!

I might just be a little biased, but I believe I have the BEST nieces and nephews in the world!  
I am so thankful that I get to love on them!!!

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  1. How adorable!
    She is blessed to have you in her life too!