Monday, May 25, 2015

Watching and Waiting

There have been a handful of times in my life when I have felt like I was standing in the middle of a busy station watching everyone go in different directions.  They all have a calling, a purpose or a passion to take them on the next journey.  

I stand watching.  

Not knowing which direction my next step should be.  Not sure of where the road leads for me.  

I stand watching.  

Lovers heading in one direction.  Professionals heading down a different path toward their next big deal.  Families laughing down the road of memories.  

I stand watching.  

The happy girl is taking another tunnel with many following her.  People slipping by me to follow their given or chosen path.

I stand watching.  

Not daring to take another step.  
Not sure.  

Tonight, I feel stranded in the middle of the station of life........
which way to turn....

I have been the lover hand in hand.  I have been the professional.  I have definitely been the cheerful one who has many friends along her way.  

Yesterday, I would have said I was any one of these and I would have fervently told you that I was following His path....

Today, I am standing.  
I am watching.  
I am lost in a storm, and I desperately need to feel His love and gentle guidance.


So, I stand watching.....and waiting.


  1. I love how you wrote this...Powerful with the repeated line and sharing what you are watching. So much emotion. We have been there.

    He is with you. Holding you. Oh how He loves you.

  2. This is a very moving post. As a woman of faith you know, that if you watch and wait you will discover.